At The Phonesmith, we specialize in helping companies make the most of today's VOIP and cloud computing technology. We match solutions to your specific business needs.

It's what we do.

Our Services
VOIP Consulting

Whether it’s a brand new startup or an established company, we can help you transition to the cost savings and flexibility of a VOIP system.  We install and support open-source VOIP solutions to save your business up to 75% over traditional telco solutions – with features they can’t even offer.

Cloud Conversion

Ready to move your company’s email and data to the cloud?  We specialize in migrating Exchange to Office365 or Google Apps.  Want to take advantage of the incredible value of cloud file storage?  Whether it’s corporate file sharing or large server backups, we can help you put critical data somewhere it will always be accessible.

IT Support Services

We can serve as your “IT Department in the cloud” as well.  We can help with issue resolution, tech support, troubleshooting, and server maintenance.  We have a diverse background with experience in many business sectors, so we are familiar with many software packages particularly in the construction and vacation rental industries.

Network Planning

If you are adding a new location or just trying to figure out how to add computers to an existing location, we can help!  We work with popular ISPs and we will always find the most manageable and economical way to ensure reliable communications on your network.  Whether it’s VPNs, MPLS, cloud networking or hybrid network infrastructure, we work with you to put all the pieces together.

WiFi Consulting

If your business provides wireless internet to customers, you know how much they rely on it.  We can help you design a WiFi system that services hundreds of people and several hundred devices per day – in fact, we’ve done just that.  We use Ubiquiti’s Unifi line of WiFi products exclusively – they are reliable, scalable, and manageable through a single web-based console.  If you need outdoor venue planning we can help with that as well!

Database Services

We have an extensive background in MS SQL data migrations, but we can help you move data in or out of MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle or other proprietary database systems.  If you’re starting a new project, we have designed scalable databases for large companies to ensure they have the fields and information they want today, with the flexibility to grow tomorrow.

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